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My name is Ivan Paio, I'm a mathematician, software programmer and film enthusiast currently living in Turin, Italy.

Named after a now-vanished movie house in the Andalusian city of Granada, Goya Cinema is the place where I take the double challenge of 1) organizing my observations on cinema in a coherent way, and 2) writing them in intelligible English. After initial reluctance I thought hey, the world will not become a worse place just because I publish my stuff after all — so here you have it.

I intentionally avoid to follow the media frenzy of always-up-to-date reviews about the latest movie releases. Instead, I put my best efforts to offer a fresh insight into the movies that I either find valuable in some respect or have simply hit me at a gut level, regardless of their date of release.

I don't use the star rating system. If it has indeed had the merit of encouraging the average moviegoer, myself included, to take an active part in film criticism, in my opinion it has also become an efficient way to homogenize the audience's taste, encouraging pointless debates on a critic's subjective evaluation over thoughtful discussions about film content and style  but I'm ranting now.

I hope you'll enjoy reading. Comments about the movies or the blog itself are always welcome.

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